In the 1970s, I got an idea to tell you about the little man's deception in the big world. Seeing myself as relatively lost, I thought it felt natural to play that role myself. The first film was the SVT production Watch Up the Hill, which can be said to be an embryo for Snowroller or Sällskapsresan 2, to which it was immediately named. A few years later, the SVT production came The Sunday Sailor, which was an exercise for SOS - a sailing company trip. In total, there have now been seven feature films with the usual nerd, now known as Stig-Helmer Olsson. At Åbergs Museum, we have the world's only Stig-Helmer Museum where we display props, photos and clothes from the films.

Lasse Åberg

The new Stig-Helmer statue in bronze is located at Bålsta Centrum.