A cookie is a short text file stored on your computer. Web pages use cookies to remember and save choices you have made. Cookies cannot contain code and therefore do not lead to security threats such as viruses or spyware.

Only the site that has set a cookie that can read its own cookie. There are some different types of cookies:

Sessions cookies help the site to track and recognize your browser. Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

Fixed cookies are stored on your computer that will allow the site to recognize you when returning to the website. The information is stored so that, for example, certain messages are only displayed once.

We also use third party cookies to send data to partners that help us with traffic measurement. It allows us to improve our websites and dynamically adjust our content.

If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer, you can disable that in the browser’s security settings. You will then not be able to use certain features on many websites.

You can also make a setting in your browser that warns every time a cookie pops up and decides on a case-by-case basis if you want to allow it or not.

Many browsers also have features for browsing anonymously or incognito. When you close your browser all information including all cookies will then be removed.