Food of the week

Today’s dish SEK 99 including butter, bread, salad buffet, coffee and cake. Served weekdays at 11-14.
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Today’s dish v 5 for printing Always homemade
Mon Broccoli gratin or sausage stew with root vegetables
Tis Raggmunk with pork and lingonberry or minced meat loaf with cream sauce
Wed Cabbage pudding with boiled potatoes or pasta with shrimp sauce
Thor Breaded fish with Danish remoulad or pea soup and pancakes
Fri Tomato and cream cheese stuffed beef with roasted potatoes and red wine
Zucchini beef (vegan), mushroom steak (vegan), pumpkin and sweet potato steak (vegan), chickpea steak, beetroot steak, broccoli and cauliflower schnitzel with cheese, soup of the day.
For larger groups we do not recommend a lunch buffet. A table-served lunch is the option for groups.