Temporary exhibition


Martin Kellerman is the creator of the autobiographical cartoon character Rocky. The comiccame to in 1998 when Kellerman just had been fired from his job as a cartoonist for a men’s magazine, dumped by his girlfriend and evicted from yet another second-hand apartment. He then transferred the material from his own life to the comics’ stories. The dog and cartoonist Rocky is Kellerman’s alter ego. During the first years, the stories about Rocky revolved a lot around apartment hunting, unemployment, women’s affairs, parties and hangovers in Stockholm. As Kellerman has grown older, Rocky has also matured and today lives a somewhat calmer life than before.

Since its inception, Rocky has become, among other things, a comic magazine, about twenty albums with comic strips, wall calendars, Christmas albums for Christmas 2007 and 2008 and a theater play that toured Sweden. The comic has also been animated and debuted on SVT on December 27, 2008. Martin Kellerman stopped drawing the comic in April 2018 but Rocky lives on.

The exhibition is shown until 25 September, 2023.